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EPC – Assessment

Firstly, we will carry out an inspection of your property to assess the energy efficiency of the building.

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Floor Plan

As well as the EPC we will produce a professional floor plan. Hence, this can be supplied in most formats, using industry standard floor plan software.

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If you are selling your property privately and need professional photos of your property. We can produce high quality photos especially wide angle photos of any and all rooms.

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What EPC Rate London Offers!

We are offering the best epc service in London along with following services.

Residential Property EPC Services

We manage your EPC certifications for single or multiple properties nationwide. Even if EPC expires after forgetting to renew, we'll take care of it. A residential EPC is required when a residential property is being sold or rented. Because, tenants or prospective purchasers frequently use ratings to contrast the energy efficiency of various houses.

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Commercial Property EPC Services

If you do not have a valid commercial EPC, it can be an inconvenience for both owners and property agents. A commercial EPC is required when a business property is being sold or rented. Most tenants or prospective purchasers frequently use ratings to contrast the energy efficiency of various houses. Hence, our service is available to solve your problem.

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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

EPCs rate a building's energy efficiency on a scale of A (extremely efficient) to G. (inefficient). They can estimate your property's carbon dioxide emissions as well as the cost of heating and lighting it. The energy efficiency rating that may be achieved if you made the suggested modifications is also detailed in an EPC, along with the most affordable options to raise the rating. Even if you rent your house, you might still want to make some of the upgrades listed on the EPC.

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EPC + Floorplan Bundle in London

Many others are seeking floor plans at the same time since EPCs are necessary when a house is sold or rented. Although formal floor plans are not legally required, most rental and estate agencies would want to see them in order to display the space's layout and essential measurements. Hence, our assessors help you to make your Floorplan.

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Commercial Floorplan in London

Our EPC assessors are trained and happy to carry out professional floorplans in conjunction with their EPC assessment visit. Combining the two services may turn out to be a cost-effective and efficient approach to finishing the floorplans and the EPC all at once. Also, combining the services reduces the amount of disturbance and often ends up being a much more practical choice because both need site visits.

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EPC Services

House Photography in London

EPC RATE is aware that when marketing your home for sale, high-quality professional images may be just as important as a beautiful layout. Moreover, it also attracts more people to visit your home after seeing clear, cheery, and inviting photos, which increases interest and demand, shortens the sales process, and frequently results in a higher sale price.

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Our EPC Services in LONDON

We provide a first class service at a reasonable price. Residential and Commercial EPCs + lots more

Commercial EPC Services

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