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EPC Certificate London Prices starting from as little as £34.99

Our EPC certificate prices are incredibly competitive and we’ve got a clean and straightforward price policy so you know exactly just how much our services are. There are no hidden charges, no VAT or any other costs on top. We also offer Commercial EPC Certificate’s starting from just £145.00 (depending on size), visit Commercial EPC prices for more information.

The prices YOU see is the prices YOU get – NO VAT, NO Parking fee OR any other HIDDEN charges.

ServiceAverage PriceBooking
EPC – Studio £55.00 Book Now
EPC – 1 Bedroom £55.00 Book Now
EPC– 2 Bedrooms £59.00 Book Now
EPC – 3 Bedrooms £69.00 Book Now
EPC – 4 Bedrooms £79.00 Book Now
Urgent EPC, Below 150 sqm£90.00 Book Now
Commercial EPC from£180.00 Book Now
Floor Plans From£59.00 Book Now

Our EPC Assessors roughly take around 30 to 40 mins for a typical 3 bedroom property. However for complex properties with multiple floors or extensions, EPC assessments may take longer.


We have a speedy turnaround time and we make sure that you receive your EPC Certificate within less then 24 hours.


An Energy Performance Certificate provides detailed information about a wide spectrum of the elements that gives a clear picture of a home’s energy efficiency performance. This includes:

1. Lighting: It is considered whether you use energy saving light bulbs
2. Insulation: How thick are the walls of your home? Do you have cavity wall insulation installed in your home? Do you have single or double glazing?
3. Heating system: The EPC inspection considers whether your home has a central heating system or an energy efficient boiler. It is also considered whether water is heated only on demand or it is stored.
4. It is taken into consideration whether you generate your own energy. Do you use a solar panel or wind turbine with a micro-generator?

All these factors are collated to attribute an energy efficiency rating to your property, which is calculated out of 100, and then categorized into 7 bands, A-G. Carbon emission of your home is also taken into consideration here.


If you do not have a valid EPC Certificate in place, trading standards officers have a right to straight away issue a penalty fine for residential or domestic properties. Tenants that have not received a EPC Certificate for their rented accommodation have a right to contact trading standards and may lose the right to operate.


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