Energy Performance Rating - All you need to know!

Do you have any plans to buy, sell or rent a property? Are you aware that you should get an Energy Performance Certificate Report for your building? Hearing it for the first time? If you have not heard about EPC or if you think that it doesn’t matter, then this article is for you.

Energy Performance Rating is not only important in terms of law. It will be even more useful, if you are someone who wishes to protect nature. Wondering, how? Interested to know how to calculate EPC and why it is important?

An understanding about Energy Performance Rating is important for all the potential buyers and sellers of property, also for the ones who are planning to rent any property in United Kingdoms.

So, if you are residing in the UK and are not aware about the same, kindly go through, because it will be useful for you at some point of time.

So, What is Energy Performance Rating?

An Energy Performance rating is a detailed report about the property’s energy efficiency. This can be used by buyers or renters to understand how much their energy bills can cost. Infact, an Energy Performance rating Certificate (EPC) is an inevitable factor in buying, selling or renting a house in the UK. An EPC provides you with the details of energy efficiency; how much it costs you in terms of light and heat. The rating is nothing but a graph which compares the current efficiency with a potential data that can be attained by making some changes within the home. This report also helps you with tips on how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Once you obtain the report, the validity of the same is for 10 years. Curious to know the procedures to get an Energy Performance rating? Don’t worry, we will brief you without getting into science behind it.

Take a look, 

● An EPC assessor who has accreditation will visit your house or building.

● They will analyze anything and everything about your house which includes the details of the    property like the year it was built, the size of the property, the heating systems, windows

and insulation. Finally the lighting was used.

● The obtained data will be runned through a government computer that provides you with an Energy Efficiency Rating.

● Energy Performance Certificate is produced based on the rating report.

● The accessor will not rate how you use the energy but will only analyse the potential energy usage.

Even though Energy Efficiency is a must for all types of buildings, there are exceptions as well. The buildings that doesn’t need an Energy Efficiency rating includes;

Places of worship

● Buildings that will not be used for more than 2 years

● Buildings below 50 square meters

● Workshops Industrial sites, and nonresidential buildings for agricultural purpose

● Holiday sites which are rented for less than 4 months in a year or are permitted with licence.

How is an Energy Performance rating useful?

An EPC rating band provides you an idea on how you can save energy and contribute in conserving the environment. The detailed report on energy performance helps you to identify and understand how to improve energy efficiency of your building. This understanding helps you to create a better place to live by ensuring lower carbon emission, something inevitable for mother earth. For a better idea, kindly take a look at the images below. 

Your Energy Performance Report will look like the image displayed above. The rating bands are based on the government's Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP). Your home will get a numerical score (SAP points) between 1-100. This score is divided into bands as explained below. 


● EPC rating A = 92-100 SAP points (most efficient)

● EPC rating B = 81-91 SAP points

● EPC rating C = 69-80 SAP points

● EPC rating D = 55-68 SAP points

● EPC rating E = 39-54 SAP points

● EPC rating F = 21-38 SAP points

● EPC rating G = 1-20 SAP points (least efficient)


As mentioned, the right hand side gives you the current energy performance rating and the potential rating you can obtain if you improvise the shortcomings as recommended. The current rating is calculated based on the existing energy performance. The potential rating suggests to you the importance of making the necessary changes and increasing the efficiency. If you have obtained a lower score on your current energy performance don’t worry, you can improve the same. By improvising the performance, you make your home warmer, comfortable and valuable. Want to know the ways to improve efficiency without spending a lot? Here it goes;


● Upgrade your windows and doors with double glazing. This improves energy performance and reduces noise.

● Installing loft insulation helps with energy efficiency. You don’t have to worry about money, it won't cost much. 

● Wall insulation save your energy and help with bills

● Replace the equipment that are older and high in energy consumption. 


Are you looking for an EPC assessor?


An Energy Performance Rating Report is a legal requirement in the UK. Besides, this rating report will help you to reduce your bill and will also provide you an insight on how and where the energy is wasted and how to save the same. 


We are experts in EPC UK and London. We will help you in rating your property and will also provide you with suggestions to improve the energy performance thereby contributing to creating an environmentally friendly, cost-effective home. 


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